After some 13 years (lucky for some!!) under this Company name, Anthony and his wife Anna have decided to rebrand the Jurasic Earthmoving company.  They decided to combine his original business name with the current operations to form Ballard’s Earthmoving & Demolition

Anthony Ballard started in the earthmoving business when he bought his first truck which was a C1800 Butterbox Acco and then went on to buy his second truck, an International Acco on 28 November 1984 working as a Sole Trader around Brisbane.

Anthony decided to form business partnership as Ballard’s Earthmoving in December 1991.

On 1st April 2006, Anthony created a new business and named it Jurasic Earthmoving and on 28th June 2006 he formed the Company Jurasic Earthmoving Pty Ltd.

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