BALLARD’s were called to do a demolition job at North Street, Woorim on Bribie Island.

The asbestos removal component of the works was already provided for by another contractor for as the client had this work previously done, nothing to do with our process.  There was a long delay for the previous contractor’s work was unsatisfactorily signed-off.

We arrived to site on the Tuesday 23rd February 2021, to undertake the demolition of two buildings in amongst large hi-rise apartments in this tourism precinct area.

The machinery that we needed to complete this job consisted a diverse range of our earthmoving equipment.  The “SuperCombo” is a big part of our project works and consists of a 3.5Ton excavator, a 3.9Ton Positrak and a 13.5Ton excavator.  We also bring a 12000 litre hydraulically powered water truck for dust suppression, as just using the garden hose will not give enough volume of water to suppress the dust from the demolition activities.  This ensures safety of the personnel onsite, and the public and residents. 

The water truck and excavator work in unison for as, the water truck operator must have the water always sprayed on the machine movements and then must place himself where he can’t be harmed from fallen debris etc.  The whole process can take anything up to two hours providing that there are no complications in doing this.

We then sort all the materials out from wood, concrete, tin and vegetation.  All materials are recycled at registered facilities where can be.  The wood is only salvageable whereby it is in a good condition as difficulty lays in carefully loading when damaged by wood rot, white ant damage, of odd sizes and nothing really of any value.

Our compliment of trailers is then engaged which includes a 50M3 and 30M3 trailers, along with our recently purchased ‘bin truck’ or also known as a ‘hook bin truck’ which has bins from 10M3 to 30M3 in size.  The ability to access this diverse range of equipment and chose either one, two or several items or options of bins, for loading up any construction and demolition waste materials.

The project requested was for a total block clear so therefore 50 percent of the trees had to go which included all weedy and unmanageable trees.  These are also recycled and are loaded into one of the large trailers/bins depending on the amount of material.  This is carted to an environmentally friendly cooperative which then in turn recycles the plant matter into mulch.

Our carbon imprint is substantially reduced by the recycling of materials where possible.

The entire demolition process on this job took three full 10-hour days of direct and intense sorting and loading. 

Once the debris is cleared off the site, we then undertake the sewer capping which consists of locating the actual sewer and capping to the main.  This process was hampered by the lower invert level encountered, as councils do not provide depths of location of the services, only the distances from boundaries.  The sewer was over two metres deep and took a lot longer in time to locate by excavating carefully.  Once sewer was located, the plumber cut the pipe and put the recommended cap on it.  It then moves to the capping of water meter and disconnects the actual line to the prior dwelling.  This is what is known as a Form 4 Certification which is required as part of our ‘demolition scope of works’ we provide for our clients as a goodwill service. 

On final exit, we washed down, loaded and hauled our earthmoving equipment on our 48 foot low loader back to our depot. Ballard’s then notifies the Building Certifier to complete the final assessment.  As part of our goodwill service, these two certifications are critical in the next stage of the process for our client, as these are required by the builder to start the building works.

We aim to ensure our clients are happy with our service and are very transparent in our dealings.

See our demolition page for more information.

Michael R

Ballard’s are by far the best demolition company I have come across. Tony took the time to quote our job properly (not just factor in extra charges for things that weren’t necessary).

Tony stayed in touch with us while we had some issues with other work being done on our site and he is extremely patient, knowledgeable and helpful. Tony always made time to take my calls as well which was really appreciated. Once demo day came, Tony and the team arrived exactly when they said they would.

Our site was in a high density area with a lot of apartments surrounding the site and Tony and the team were professional in every sense, and kept all the neighbours happy by managing the works extremely well. He has all the right equipment for an efficient demolition. He kept everything watered down (to minimise dust), and best of all they were able to complete our whole job in 3 days, which was far quicker than I ever expected considering the amount of materials and buildings they had to remove.

I can honestly say that I believe Tony treated our block of land like it was his own. They worked extremely hard to remove all the rubble, and left the site immaculate, flat, clean and ready to build on. They also did a great job with getting building approvals and organising sewer capping for our job also. And as a great bonus they delivered a google drive full of photos of the job from start to finish which shows everything they did in a lot of detail.

Finally Anna was so nice and pleasant to deal with in the office. She was responsive, polite, and extremely quick to get back to us on any questions. So overall, I can honestly say I would definitely recommend Ballard’s to anyone considering any demolition work, and if I demolish another house again I’ll definitely be using Ballards.

Michael R
Woorim, Bribie Island, Feb 2021
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