We were invited to quote on a large rubbish removal and demolition job located on a strawberry farm at Caboolture.

This job involved the removal of asbestos containing materials in the old farm house, sheds and various site rubbishes.

The house was a steel framed structure, with asbestos sheeting both on the inner and outer walls along with the ceiling. The house looked to have been built in the 1970s, which is quite normal for these homes to contain asbestos containing materials.

Because of our standard procedure, we test all unidentified fibro cement and in this case the NATA report identified it as being positive, meaning it contained asbestos.

Doing these procedural measures, allows us to give accurate quotes, as it takes the guesswork out of it for us as the contractor and the client.

The Client was very happy with our quotation and reported that it was well documented, and they could clearly understand what services we were offering them.

At the beginning of the job, we run a slasher that is mounted on our Positrak Bobcat, across the field to assess the site to expose the rubbishes and works to be undertaken.

The job proceeded then with starting to demolish the original packing shed and all the other slabs where the sheds had already been removed, were then broken up with rock-breakers, and collapsing the concrete water tanks.

It was at this time, we had an area established to work the trucks in and out of, to turn around and move. We are very fortunate to have a large arsenal of equipment to complete these large projects. Not having to rely on any external machinery, is a bonus, as we have access to what equipment we want and have design the right attachments to do this type of scope of works.

The asbestos removal part of the project which consisted of a small dwelling, various little pump sheds and the main farmhouse. Once this part of the project, of approximately 3 days of asbestos removal and cartage, was done, we organised for the Asbestos Clearance on the buildings.

On finishing we levelled and cleared the site of all materials and our client was very impressed with the result. We now have a new client who wants us to do all their future clean-ups and demolitions on their future projects.

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