Ballard’s demolition team have been busy in Kallangur clearing a large block of land on Anzac Ave. The land was a large gently sloping block covered in grass, scrub, and a few sheds. The site is destined for a large retirement village complex, but building cannot begin until the site is cleared and prepped ready for building.

Our demolition team used a variety of earthmoving equipment to clear the vegetation and demolish the tin-clad sheds. Once the buildings and vegetation were cleared, grading of the land was then done to even out some of the mounds.

Part of our demolition service is the safe removal of all debris and vegetation, leaving a clean, ready to build site. Once all of the earthmoving & demolition machinery has gone, we remove the temporary fencing and our demolition & earthmoving project is complete. If you live in the Anzac Ave, Kallangur area you’ll be able to see the retirement village project as it progresses!

There were multiple buildings and our team worked hard to get the asbestos removed, carted on our Environmental Relevant License (ERA) on Waste Tracking Documentation.  This is a very essential part of our scope of works meeting the legislative requirements around asbestos containing materials.   Our Team has had their “fit tests” for the Asbestos Masks.  This is to ensure there is no possible way for fibres to enter into their respiratory system.

We aim for the highest safety protocols to ensure the safety of the works by installing air-monitoring on our demolition sites.  This is not required by law for removal of asbestos ‘bonded’ however we like to ensure public safety and safety for our workers.

We provide surface and house asbestos clearances for our clients as a service.

See our demolition page for more information about our demolition service.

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