This property was purchased for the resale of divided blocks by client.

The brick house had a wooden house underneath it.  There was asbestos in the inner part of the house, eaves and wet areas.

It was a difficult process to remove the first layer of bricks to access the asbestos materials in the eaves.  We had to remove the outer skin of the bricks to access the asbestos in the eaves, as the bricks were bricked up to the eaves. A long and time-consuming process, but we managed to achieve.

All our asbestos works are supervised by a qualified hygienist so everything has to be done to code, no short-cuts.

The actual land was heavily vegetated with a copious amount of rubbish, chook pens – 50 years worth of build up, including asbestos in the ground.  The house itself was poorly constructed and we had very cautiously knock it down, as we were only 1200mm from the neighbouring fenceline.  We achieved the demolition without any damage to fences or other neighbouring properties.

The footings were all oversize and very difficult to remove.

Job was done to client’s satisfaction and one block is already sold.

For more information about our demolition services please visit our Demolition page.

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