Combo Hire

Wet hire of combo machiner. For all sized projects.

Combo Hire

Combo Hire is a most sought after requirement for earthmoving and includes an operator with the Combo Hire to perform differing tasks.

The four basic combo hire options are as below:

  1. Positrak and Excavator (3.5T) Combo Hire
  2. Tipper and Excavator (3.5T) Combo Hire
  3. Tipper and Positrak Combo Hire
  4. Positrak and Excavator x 2 (3.5T & 13.5T) “Super Combo Hire”

Customised Combo Hire can be arranged to suit your needs with various items of machinery with one operator.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


Our Combo Equipment:

Positrak and Excavator
3.5T combo hire
Tipper and Excavator
3.5T combo hire
Tipper and Positrak
Combo hire
Positrak and Excavator x2
3.5T & 13.5T "Super Combo Hire"
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