This project was the demolition of a small 1980’s house. We were contacted via our website to do a quote for the house demolition at Jamond Street, Kippa-ring (Brisbane) by Frank.

We put our price through and our client phoned us to advise he was happy to proceed with the demolition, as he felt comfortable and well informed with our transparency and also said although we weren’t the cheapest, he knew we would do what we said we would do.

The demolition job went very smoothly, and the neighbours were appreciative of being kept up-to-date with our works. 

The job went to schedule and there was one little surprise of finding asbestos in and around the garden concrete edges and paths. It was a common occurrence in the old days, for home-owners or builders alike, to put building waste materials, such as tiles, asbestos, bricks, rocks etc. underneath the construction of a cement garden edge or path, for displacement.  This was due to concrete being very expensive and not so accessible approximately 50 years ago, and as most of the cement had to be hand-mixed and poured, this cut down the quantity of cement needed.

We employed tree loppers that used stump-grinding machines, as the trees were very large and hard-up against the fence. It was noted and recommended by myself, and as such factored into the quote, so there were no extra costs passed on to the owner at a later date. We do not pride ourselves on ‘variations’ but rather like to give a fixed price. This decision to lopp & remove the trees minimised the risks to neighbouring fences, slabs and sheds.

The neighbour across the road was very excited with our work and we are in the process now of giving him a written quote for he will be looking to demolish his house in the early part of next year.  He was so impressed at how easily we made it look that he wanted us to do his demolition also.

We also did basic earthworks, as the block was opened up when we removed all the footings and slab.  To make it naturally drain, we put a cross-fall on the block and then put in an invert so water would not pond, i.e. hold water if and when we had a lot of rain.  Therefore, when the builders commence, the ground should be a dry as possible.

It is not hard to do a good job when your intentions are to do 100% of the job.

This job like many others, was completed on time to our client’s satisfaction and he has already advised he will be calling on us for future works.

See our demolition page for more information about our demolition services.

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