As Brisbane’s northside is growing at an exceedingly fast rate, we are very busy in house demolitions and not always showing you our work. In the next few weeks, you will see what we have been doing for the last three months, but in the meantime, here’s one for this week…

This client waited for us to come to do his house demolition job, and was adamant about not choosing another demolition team because of our excellent reviews.

This home is being demolished for a new home to be built so that the new resident has guaranteed accommodation for special needs.

We used our roof team to recycle the tiles, and the client had removed all the windows for their own purposes. 

We like to ensure the client makes money on the materials removed before we get there, if they can, and they are recycled through their own means.

We recycle the concrete and other usable materials where applicable.

The house that was being demolished was located in a very difficult cul-de-sac position and our demolition team managed well to get the trucks and equipment into the site without damaging the kerb or surrounding structures. Here are some photos of the demo job in Bridgeman Downs.

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