This recent demolition project was to demolish a small 1970’s house in Brighton, Brisbane. There was a lot of concrete and a lot of asbestos as the property had a lot of add-ons over the years.

Prior to starting the job we took samples of the house to check for asbestos containing materials- these got sent to the laboratory and they came back identified as positive, meaning containing asbestos.

We submitted our quote, and told client that we can only quote on what we can see. During the house demolition, and after the asbestos was removed, we then pulled up the concrete slab and found it to have asbestos containing materials under the slab and in the slab.  Back in this time period it was not uncommon for homeowners/builders to have used asbestos materials for boxing, to pour the concrete slabs, which was the case in this instance. The client was very concerned with what we found, we advised we would go through the slab and determine where the ACM boards were used, and in particular on what part of the slab it was. We had two of our staff hand-pick the slab as we were excavating which reduced our client’s bill considerably saving him $1000s.  Our client was very happy with the outcome and the solution to the problem.

The demolition job was completed on time to his satisfaction and we received high accolades from for our work.

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