We were approached by our existing client to undertake the demolition of four houses at the same time period in Morayfield, making way for a very large sub-division on 45 acres of land.

We started and finished on each demolition project address as an individual job. This ensured we kept a good, clean site and managed it efficiently for silt control measures and waste management.

Our demolition team worked in the torrential rain events, and we had therefore designed and built all weather roads for access.

The demolition job was quite extensive, and there was a lot of rubbishes, tyres and asbestos fencing located at the rear of the properties. 

We hold a ERA license to cart contaminated materials such as asbestos and tyres and supply the Waste Tracking documentation to our client.

We made it commercially viable to undertake the rubbish removal/ site clean-ups located at the rear of the properties. It was a commercially viable win for our client by ensuring each load was specific, as better pricing applies on asbestos waste versus asbestos with concrete, and tyres.

We are able to perform effectively as we have our own designed specialised equipment, brought in at different stages of the demolition. As we also own our own float, we can bring the 13.5Ton & 21Ton excavators as needed, when the time suits and therefore no delays to supply.

We are a one-stop shop for house demolitions as we are able to control the job from initial contract to completion.

Our client was exceptionally happy that we were able to fulfil the project on time and on budget, and requested us to continue on to another two houses. 

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