Ballards was required to undertake the demolition of the Petrie Shops to make way for the new Petrie Road intersection.

The Petrie roundabout was located next to important cultural and historical features such as the heritage listed Petrie School of the Arts. The roundabout has been replaced with a new widened intersection, hence the need for the shops to be demolished.

We were employed as a third-tier to Mains Roads (DTMR) through D&V Services Pty Ltd.

As part of the project, we had to move a metal structure which the company had previously estimated to impact traffic control during the removal. Anthony was able to safely demolish the metal structure with no risk to property or the passing public.

As being a very busy intersection, this required a specialised demolition expert to enable precision because the boundary line was adjacent to the traffic passing.

before the demolition of the commercial building began
Before the demolition of commercial buildings at the Petrie intersection began. You can see that the metal structure borders right on the existing intersection.
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