The demolition project consisted of demolition of an old post-war home. We were requested to conduct a quote at beginning of June 2021 and subsequently we had a signed contract at end June with this lovely couple to undertake their demolition project…


We offered our clients the ‘salvage of materials’ prior demolition as the cost of salvaging causes significant delays for our team. We promote salvage for our clients and encourage them to take whatever they like and sell it off, and they get the monetary benefit.

We arrived to the job with our entourage of demolition plant and equipment, firstly with the temporary fencing and signage of ‘demolition in progress’ for safety procedures.

The equipment we took was all our own, Prime Mover & Low Loader to float the machines which consisted of a 13Ton Excavator, 3Ton Excavator and Positrak on the one float, and a Water truck for dust suppression, a Hook Bin Truck and Tipper for the cartage of various materials, albeit recyclers. 

Upon tackling the job, Tony noticed there was a little buried asbestos and so removed this at no ‘extra cost’ to the client.

The house fell well and Tony folded it into itself nicely with the 13Ton Excavator. 

The job was started on 4th August and finished in 3 days by the BALLARD’s Team and our clients were very impressed, as per their comments below.  We really enjoy working with lovely people like Phil and Anne.

See our demolition page for more information about our demolition service.

“Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value”

Anna was always extremely courteous in our email and phone communications; and Tony was just the best when it came to the care and efficiency of his expert demolition process. First time we have demolished a house and it went so much smoother and more rapidly than we had imagined. We would recommend Ballards to anyone.

phil & anne – AUGUST 2021
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