My name is Anthony Ballard and I am the owner Ballard’s Earthmoving which became regretfully Jurasic Earthmoving Pty Ltd and now has returned to Ballard’s Earthmoving & Demolition.

I started in 1984 when I bought my first truck, a Butterbox Acco where I started my earthmoving career.

But where I started from was my Grandfather, whose name was Eric Ballard which he started with in the early 1930’s with a 1927 Chev4 which had to be modified to make into a truck to work as a general carrier.

I was born into my career, not introduced to it.  What I have brought into my career is over 100 years of teaching basic stuff like common-sense, safety, reliability and honesty.

In the next bit we will put forward my Grandfather’s heritage and history and you will have some understanding on how I have been here for over 35 years.

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