Job was to demolish a small 3 bedroom house on beach sand, we expressed to the owner if they can salvage anything out of the house before we start works, to do so as will lessen the cost to them & put a few bucks in their pocket.

We turned up with our full attire of gear, water truck, 13.5T excavator, 3.5T excavator, a positrak, 2 semi tippers and started demolishing the house and loaded it out until we were left with a clean slab. 

We made sure all debris outside the footprint of the slab, had been loaded out as Construction Demolition waste so that all that remained was the concrete, i.e. no contaminates, which enabled us to send to concrete recyclers.

We finished off the job by raking out the sand with the Positrak and working with Matthew & Alison was a pleasure.

Did you know: we have an extensive range of trucks and machinery, we bring our own water truck to the job as part of our works to supply the volume of water that is needed to suppress the dust because a garden hose will not keep the dust down.

It is time saving using the right equipment utilising Ballard’s biggest Combo, the “SuperCombo” 3Ton Excavator, 13Ton Excavator & Skidsteer with a range of attachments and temporary fencing all supplied to site on our step-deck float.

As always, the Ballard’s Earthmoving team did a great job of clean up, leaving the site in a manageable and free-draining state, with all traces of the demolition work gone. Have a look at the photos and see for yourself!

For more about our demolition services in the Brisbane area, please see our Demolition page.

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